Top features and high aesthetics

Bioclimatic Pergola Persa

retractable pergola

A folding, retractable roof pergola, exclusively designed by Metaform SA.
Sturdy construction made of an aluminium alloy of top quality and aesthetics,
using 25×3 aluminium panels, with insulation capabilities.

The controlled motion of the blinds provides ventilation to the space along with shading, protection from inclement weather and snowfall!


5 Years Warranty Pergolas Certified with CE

Application Examples


Electrical motionElectrical motion
Capability of electrical motion and remote control
Color SelectionColor Selection
Coloring of your choice, according to certified color standards
Sun protectionSun protection
Certified protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation
Sun resistanceSun resistance
Tested resistance of extensive exposure to the Sun
Rain and Wind ResistanceRain & Wind Resistance
Great resistance to weather conditions of rain, humidity and wind
Snow ResistanceSnow Resistance
Certified resistance to snowfall conditions

Technical Characteristics

A representative, tested solution for the coverage of professional spaces or any shape and size. Retractable roof for variable coverage and shading. Quality construction for functionality, aesthetics and safety. Durable protection, with certified resistance to Sun, Rain & Wind.

Persa Technical Characteristics.png


Download Technical Manual

  1. Aluminum Rafter 160×85 or 180×100
  2. Aluminum Panel 280×38
  3. Aluminum End Cap
  4. Aluminum Protection Cover
  5. Plastic Motor Cap

Aluminum Colors

Structura 9016
Structura 7016

The colors above are without extra charge.
For any other color or wood nuance, the cost could be available after communication with the company.

Motion Transmission

Motion Transmission by Somfy

Using electric motors of the somfy firm. Possibility of installation of two electric motors when the pergola exceeds an area of 70m². The electric motors are installed within the pergola tube.

Motor Somfy

Pergola Remote Control

Equip Pergola Persa with these must have Accessories

LED Lighting Systems
LED Lighting Systems
Star Vertical Casket
Star Vertical Casket

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