Quality guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Metaform Shading Systems

We believe in a comprehensive quality framework that is based both on our corporate characteristics, i.e. the applied practices and models for the development, production and sale of our products and services, as well as on continuously pursuing a high level of professional relationships with absolutely all our associates.

For this purpose, we utilize our long experience, combined with specialized technological research and innovative applications, in order to continuously improve the technical specifications, functional elements and aesthetic results of the coverage and shading systems we produce exclusively.

5 Years WarrantyPergolas Certified with CE

Guarantee of Good Operation

Our systems are designed and manufactured in Greece, at a vertically integrated production plant using modern equipment and infrastructure and following corresponding European and international standardization and certification standards in order to adequately meet the requirements of the domestic market and achieve noteworthy export figures.

At the same time, at Metaform, our major values include observing corporate ethics, establishing good practices and developing mutual trust throughout the spectrum of the professional relations we seek to form with our associates.

Specifically, we offer the following
individual guarantees of good operation:

Pergolas: 5 years
Shading canvas: 5 years
Shading arms: 10 years

Guarantee of Good Operation