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Metaform Shading Systems


Metaform Shading has been seated in Greece, with many years of professional experience.

Its privately owned facilities, covering an area of 13,000 m² at the 18th km of the Thessaloniki – Kavala Old National Highway, include pergola production premises equipped with the most modern machinery.

Pergolas Wholesale

advanced shading systems

Metaform Shading has been undertaking the complete design
and production of the most developed pergolas for years.

The experience and technical knowledge it has acquired
enable the company to provide the most reliable solutions and specialized applications
capable of meeting even the highest professional requirements.

Quality Guarantee

At Metaform, we believe in a comprehensive quality framework that is based both on our corporate characteristics, i.e. the applied practices and models for the development, production and sale of our products and services, as well as on continuously pursuing a high level of professional relationships with absolutely all our associates.

For this purpose, we utilize our long experience, combined with specialized technological research and innovative applications, in order to continuously improve the technical specifications, functional elements and aesthetic results of the coverage and shading systems we produce exclusively.

5 years warrantyPergolas certified with CE

Quality guarantee

Explanatory symbol text

Electrical motionElectrical motion
Capability of electrical motion and remote control
Color SelectionColor Selection
Coloring of your choice, according to certified color standards
Sun protectionSun protection
Certified protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation
Sun resistanceSun resistance
Tested resistance of extensive exposure to the Sun
Rain and Wind ResistanceRain & Wind Resistance
Great resistance to weather conditions of rain, humidity and wind
Snow ResistanceSnow Resistance
Certified resistance to snowfall conditions

Formidable Characteristics

Our products incorporate unique design and production elements, as well as specific properties of select materials, so as to always provide you with reliability, functionality and aesthetics.

We also provide easy-to-use capabilities for electrical motion, remote control, automations, as well as personal color selection for optimal adaptation of our systems to your needs.

All our products are fully parameterisable, providing solutions to even the toughest application cases. Focusing on the unique features of each space, we propose solutions that provide safety and durability during the harshest of weather conditions, in both winter and summer!

Innovative Coverage Systems

In our systems, great emphasis is placed on increasing reliability and upgrading functionality, on application practicality, on ease of use and on achieving a high aesthetical result in the final installed product.

In this context, we consider the following to be noteworthy:

Top Star Pergola
Exclusive production technology, variable coverage/shading,
with a folding surface that retracts to the upper part of its rails.

Persa Pergola
Exclusive production technology, adjustable ventilation
and coverage/shading, with folding aluminum blinds of variable tilt.

System for the complementary coverage of gaps between the pergola and the application building. These also function as protective covers of the materials of the coverage and shading surface when they are retracted.

Research and technology

Research & technology

Innovative Solutions Ease of use. Top aesthetics.
Utilising great practical experience & specialised research

LED lighting system
Specially adapted collection of lighting fixtures and accessories,
with Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology bulbs for reliability and economy.

Aluminium parapet
An effective pergola support system, for structural stability and safety of the pergola.
Integrated in the profile or externally affixed gutter.

Electrical motion application
Exclusive application technique, easy internal installation of an electric motor (within the pergola axle),
excellent aesthetics (absence of additional external motor frame, invisible mechanism)
and possibility of incorporation of two electric motors within the same product.