Our products incorporate unique design and production elements,

as well as specific properties of select materials, so as to always provide you

with reliability, functionality and aesthetics.

We provide easy-to-use capabilities for electrical motion, remote control, automations, as well as personal color selection for optimal adaptation of our systems to your needs.

All our products are fully parameterisable, providing solutions to even the toughest application cases. Focusing on the unique features of each space, we propose solutions that provide safety and durability during the harshest of weather conditions, in both winter and summer!

Bioclimatic Pergolas
LED Lighting Systems
Star Vertical Casket

In the search for pergolas, retractable pergolas, aluminium pergolas, awning pergolas or pergola canopies, we are able to provide you with the best solutions.

Our preliminary goal is to ensure you the most superior shading systems which:

  • can shape your ideal relaxation space
  • are durable through time
  • and are wear-resistant.

Outdoor space constructions form an essential part of the improvement of life indoors since they provide an economical, efficient and relaxing way for you, your family and friends to rest. Our company can supply you with high quality products which are accompanied by a variety of well-recognised and widely approved certifications. Pergolas, retractable pergolas, aluminium pergolas, awning pergolas or pergola canopies are an exceptional solution not only for homes but also for professional spaces.

This way, we can provide shading systems of the highest quality to all types of businesses, since:

  • awnings form the extra space available to your clients
  • they highlight the exterior of every professional space
  • they create a significantly pleasant climate.

Invent wisely and trust our company on the installation of your awning systems. We are able to offer you immediate solutions, even in the most difficult cases of application, and we reform the design of your space, in order to meet your own needs and personal style.