Smart Pergola

21 January 2022

Control your pergola from the screen of your mobile with the Connexoon Terrace application by Somfy.

connexoon terrace app

Smart Pergola

With the Connexoon Terrace app and its home automation box, use your smartphone to remote control your pergola and your lighting which use io-homecontrol technology. Create scenarios on your smartphone and replay them to your heart’s content. Check whether your connected equipment is open or closed if there’s bad weather, wherever you are.

Creating a Personalized Atmosphere

Ambiance Creator

Use the app to create customized scenarios which use your connected equipment: Philips Hue light bulbs, music, exterior screens, sensors or pergola and replay them in one click.

Is your Pergola Smart?

Shoot & Replay

To save your favorite ambiances, just take a photo of them with your smartphone! You may then replay them by activating the associated scenario on the app!

Double Control

Keep control whatever the situation! Check the position of your connected patio blind by remote on your app. If the weather’s bad, close it by remote to protect it.