Which Pergola is right for you?

6 June 2019

Whether you’re planning an outdoor entertaining area or want to improve the one you have, a covered pergola could be the missing ingredient that creates a versatile space you can use no matter what the weather’s doing. These inspiring options will have you transforming your own outdoor room before you know it.   Transparent Glass Covered Pergola Transparent. Indoor-outdoor living is what many of us aspire to, but it pays to consider the seasons when you’re designing a covered outdoor area. This glass-covered pergola attached to a home in Perth, Australia, lets the sunshine flood in when needed, but it also gives the homeowners the chance to keep sweltering temperatures at bay. Remote-controlled retractable awnings above the glass are the solution to the intense heat, and overhead fans keep the air moving.   Wood Lined Pergola Wood panelling. If shade is what you need to make your outdoor zone more usable, a wood-lined pergola could be the way to go. Consider incorporating a couple of panels of clear, corrugated roofing to let some light in.   Plant Covered Pergolas Plant cover. If you’re looking for shade but aren’t too worried about protecting your outdoor area from the rain, covering your pergola with vegetation could be an appealing option. For cool climates, planting deciduous vines on a wood pergola could be a nice choice. Wisteria, for example, opens the area to the sun in winter but keeps it cool and shady in summer.   Wood Slats Pergola Slats. Wood slats won’t keep out the rain, but if shade is your goal, they’re a stylish option to consider. The wood dining table and planter boxes in this Melbourne, Australia, home’s outdoor entertaining area bring the look together.   Laser-cut Metal Pergola Metal. Laser-cut screens add a contemporary look to outdoor areas and are favored by many architects because they provide shade and privacy without blocking too much light.   Awning Awnings and shades. A waterproof awning makes the outdoor area cool and comfortable without making the space dark.   PVC Pergola PVC Pergolas. A smart choice for those who want to add a special accent to their homes. They are made with durable PVC which will never rot, crack, fade, split or warp and require almost no maintenance.   Lined Roofing Lined. Insulated roofing can create a seamless effect between indoor and outdoor areas and can keep a deck or pergola far cooler than other covering materials. Lined ceilings can also be handy when it comes to installing lighting and overhead fans — there will be no electrical wires in sight.   Louvered Pergola Louvers/Bioclimatic. Louvered pergolas, also known as Vergolas, allow you to control the light at will. With the flick of a switch you can close the louvers completely if you and your guests are caught in a downpour in the middle of lunch.