Pergola Top Star

14 January 2019

In this step by step guide, we will show you how to install Pergola Top Star. Top Star is an innovation in professional shading, as the pioneering lift system allows you to install the product on any pre-existing construction.

00:00 Mount the wall-brackets.

00:10 Mount the guides onto the brackets.

00:23 Place the general regulators.

00:35 Assemble the parapet.

01:00 Mount the guides onto the parapet.

01:19 Before placing the tube, end all the runners in the upper side of guides.

01:23 Tube fitting.

01:27 Place the motor into the tube. Motor’s cables must be downside.

01:42 Fit the support beam onto the cover material.

01:55 Stretch the cover material properly with the screws and the plugs that you will find into the package.

02:23 End all the runners in the lower side of guides.

02:29 Place all the support beams with the cover material onto the guides and fit them into the runners.

02:34 Place all the support beams in the highest side of guides.

02:39 Line up all the support beams and screw them up onto the runners.

02:47 Place the last support beam onto the general regulator.

02:53 Shut the pergola down.

03:01 Stretch the cover material from the general regulator.

03:09 Screw all the support beams onto the runners.

03:20 Place the lifting system right on the similar receptors. Make sure that the hinge’s edge is facing to the cover material.

03:50 Mount the lifting system onto the lifting support beams.

04:06 Place the plugs.

04:15 Adjust the motor limits.

04:18 Pergola Top Star has been successfully installed.