Pergola Star

11 February 2019

Watch the video tutorial and read the step-by-step instructions to learn how to install the Pergola Star. Pergola Star is a retractable roof, manufactured from a special alloy of highly durable aluminum and provides safety and durability after being tested in difficult weather conditions such as strong air and rain, as well as strong rays of the summer sun. Tested solution for the coverage of professional spaces or any shape and size.

00:00 Mount the wall-brackets.

00:08 Mount the rafters onto the brackets and also the general regulator.

00:22 Assemble the parapet.

00:48 Mount the rafters onto the pillar.

01:13 Before placing the tube, end all the runners in the upper side of rafters.

01:20 Tube fitting.

01:29 Before placing the motor inside the tube, move a bit all the runners to the lower side of rafters.

01:40 Place the motor into the tube. Motor’s cables must be downside.

01:44 Place the restraint plate of the motor which you will find into the package.

02:00 Fit the support beam onto the cover material. Attention, the side of the support beams must be according to the enclosed sketch.

02:22 Stretch the cover material properly with the screws and the plugs that you will find into the package.

02:28 Pierce the cover material from one side to another, in the spots that the supports beams are already drilled.

02:34 Place the support beam onto the guides.

02:39 Repeat the procedure until the support beams placed onto the guides.

02:50 Place the last wide support beam onto the cover material and move all the support beams in the highest side of the guide.

03:08 Place the wide support beam onto the guides.

03:30 Open the Star pergola.

03:40 Open a small hole onto the cover material exactly above the beam that you will choose to have lights and then pull out a pair of cables.

03:50 Pass the cable through the plastic cap of the beam and connect it with the spo-light.

04:00 Connect the next spot-light with the cable that you will find enclosed.

04:09 Fasten the light onto the beam.

04:26 After fastening all lights, cover the cables with the special profile.

04:33 Repeat the same procedure for the other beams that will have lightning system.

04:42 Place the parapet and support beam plugs.

04:54 Install the rear profile into the blades of rafters and then adjust the aluminum cover in it.

05:12 Put the iron blades into the front profile and screw it onto the drivers after you adjust the aluminum cover in it.

05:59 Adjust the motor limits.

06:04 Pergola Star has been successfully installed.